Welcome to the Clan Morrison website of Australia, celebrating family history and Scottish culture.

This site was put up in response to the lack of any presence on the internet of the Clan Morrison in Australia. If you are from the Morrison Clan or one of it’s septs, or you are interested in the Morrison Clan please feel free to browse the site and learn more about the rich and unique history of the Scottish Highland family known as Morrison.

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There was once a Clan Morrison Society of Australia who held regular events and distributed a tri-yearly newsletter called the Driftwood Digest. The Australian Society was similar to other societies in North America and the UK.  Sadly, the Society got so low on numbers that it eventually ceased to exist in 2004. There has been some recent interest in re-forming the Society to promote social occasions among Morrisons (and septs) and to help others to learn about their heritage by having a Clan Morrison presence at organised events such as the Bundanoon Highland Games in NSW and equivalents in other states.

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There have been some very interesting projects over the past few years involving the North American and UK Clan Morrison Societies such as the Morrison DNA Project and the Dun Eistein Archeology Project. To learn more about these projects or to get involved, use the links to the right.

*Much of the information on this site was borrowed from CMSNA (Clan Morrison Society of North America). We would love more original content. If you would like to contribute anything to the site, please contact us on our Registration page.